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What is organic hemp rolling papers?

Unlike your standard wood pulp rolling papers that burn quick, harsh and change the taste of your flower. Organic hemp rolling papers are slow burning, provide smooth hits to the lungs and expands on the flavor of your flower.

Roll up with Bible Papers

We get asked daily, what exactly is bible papers made out of? Raw organic hemp! Nothing more, nothing less. Straight up hemp! as a group of certified stoners who walk the thin line of organic obssessed, what we put in our bodies means everything to us. To our surpise, millions of others in the stoner nation feels the exact same way that we do! We set out to find the highest quality grown hemp we could find from allover the world to produce the thinnest,sleek rolling papers in the industry.

Yes we did, we teamed up with organic farmers!

Bible papers is crude non chlorinated rolling papers, absolutely non GMO, 100% windmill powered and certified organic. It’s time to bring in a new era of what it means so smoke purity! Let’s break it down as to why we choose the windmill energy route, it’s non pollutant, there’s no need to import fossil fuel so it’s supports American created energy (in our eyes that’s definitely a bonus!) and this of course goes without saying, 100% renewable energy.

We’re beyond proud to have created a rolling paper that will stay fresher than wood pulp based papers. Hemp is incredibly durable, even with it’s thin design will hold up whatever or however much you decide to roll up, but if you’re planning on rolling up a thick one, we highly recommend going with king size for your girthy pleasure.

Looking to try out some legal legit flower?

Check out Rolled Green’s line of pre rolls and Delta-8 Flowers. Roll up your flower in Bible Papers and let us know what you think in a review to be featured on our social media platforms and a discount for your next order

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